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Welcome to Enhance Styling: Sydney’s leading hair colour specialists. Complete your style with a customised colour to enhance your tailored haircut. Our talented stylists will create a colour that is unique to your individual style.

From a global rich tonal colour to beautiful highlights to accentuate your luscious long hair to the perfect balayage, which seamlessly blends colour from roots to ends, our expert stylists will work with you to achieve the perfect colour without compromising the condition of your hair and ensuring that each strand is cared for.

On this page you will find our hair colour services and pricing as well as a detailed QnA section answering all of your hair colour related questions!

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  • Semifrom $95
  • Roots Tintfrom $100
  • Full Tintfrom $120
  • Scattered Foilsfrom $100
  • Half Head Foilsfrom $160
  • Full Head Foilsfrom $200
  • Balayagefrom $200
  • Men's ColourPOA

Hair Colour Specialists QnA

Hair colour specialists: we answer all of your commonly asked questions about hair colour services to give you as much information as possible!

What brands do you stock?

Some of our hair colour product range.


In salon we use Schwarzkopf professional hair colour. Schwarzkopf is a renowned global brand recognised for their technological innovation, premium ingredients and education for all their professional users.

You can benefit from our market leading range of premium Schwarzkopf products in the following ways:

Igora Royal ‘True Colour in High Definition’: Our Igora Royal premium product range delivers 100% performance even in challenging cases.

BLONDME: We use BLONDME products for it’s advanced bonding system that delivers outstanding results for blondes.

Igora Vibrance: Enjoy high-end tone-on-tone colouration that provides fresh and intense colour every time.

Fibreplex: Helps to protect your hair from breakage during lightening, lifting or colour processing while offering long-lasting colour protection.

How long will permanent hair colour last?

Permanent hair colour will stay in your hair until it is grown out completely, however with the growth rate of everyone’s hair being so different you will need to get your roots coloured between every 3-8 weeks to ensure that your new growth matches the colour that is put on the ends.

How long will hair dyes last and how fast does hair colour fade?

Most hair colour will stay in your hair until it is grown out or cut out of your hair. The only exception to this is a semi-permanent hair colour that washes out of your hair and doesn’t leave a regrowth line that needs to be coloured.

The rate of colour fading will depend on your lifestyle and how often you wash your hair. For example, clients that swim regularly and are in the sun often will find that their colour will fade quicker then those people who tend not to do these things.

Can I wash my hair normally with my colour in?

Yes you can wash your hair normally as our colour company provides shampoo and conditioner that will ensure the longevity of your colour. It is also advised that you do not wash your hair every day as that will shorten the life of your colour and it will fade faster.

Do I have to use any specific products for coloured hair?

Most professional shampoos and conditioners are compatible with coloured hair and will ensure that they do not strip your colour out or make it fade too quickly.

With blondes however we do recommend using a silver shampoo, which ensures that your colour stays a beautiful creamy blonde and doesn’t go too warm or brassy. We would also recommend using a treatment at least once a week to ensure that your hair stays healthy and soft.

How do I maximise my blonde colour?

We recommend a silver shampoo to ensure your blonde stays creamy for the duration of your colour and doesn’t go warm or brassy in our sun or with your lifestyle if that includes swimming. We also recommend using UV protection in your styling products to make sure you do not get significant colour change.

What is your guarantee?

At Enhance Styling we guarantee the best possible consultation to ensure you get the desired colour result. If this is not the outcome we also guarantee that we will correct any mistakes within a 14-day period directly after your colour service complementary.

Our senior colour stylists specialise in Semi and Permanent Hair Colouring, Balayage, Highlights, Tints, Foils and Bleach Toner with Prices from $85.

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