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The Beauty of Balayage

There are a multitude of hair trends going around right now – everything from rainbow-coloured unicorn colour to dipped ombré tips. But the one that still tops them all?

Undoubtedly, balayage.

It is a timeless and classic look that we would describe as:

  • Individual
  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Iconic

If you want to FEEL like this why not consider a balayage service colour treatment right here in salon by Enhance Styling!

Since its inception in the 1970s, no other colouring technique has enjoyed the same longevity and praise as this sought-after colouring method.

In fact, it might just be the only beauty technique that is universally as loved by French women as by their American counterparts. It’s little wonder it’s the preferred colour treatment of both royal ladies Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

So just what is balayage? Is it a process of hair dying or is it more to do with highlighting what’s already there? Above all, is it worth all the hype? We delve a little deeper.

Balayage – a natural looking colour melt, done here at Enhance Styling Sydney.

Painted-on Perfection

Forget everything you’ve heard before about dying your hair. Sitting alongside a timer as strips of foil bedeck your head? So 2000s. If thick stripes of garish blonde highlights were the look of the last decade, consider balayage the millennial saviour.

Balayage literally means ‘to sweep’ in French. Essentially colour is applied to individual strands of hair by using a freehand technique. Unlike traditional foil strips, the colour is manually painted on – meaning no nasty surprises once the strips are eventually removed.

What you’re left with is a mane of beautifully soft colour with a natural glistening glow.

A golden sweep of colour in this stylish and natural balayage, done here at Enhance Styling Sydney.

Watch: How to Balayage on Dark Hair Video Tutorial, Thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional

Video: Learn how to balayage dark hair to create a sun kissed Caramel Glow without damaging the hair. Watch Kim Vo, the Global BLONDME Ambassador applying a lacing technique for sun kissed waves with a soft play of vivid caramels and cream. Create a blonde that simply owns the spotlight with this balayage service!

Sun-Kissed Symmetry

A head of perfectly balayaged hair will look as natural as it did when you were a child. You remember those days – natural tints of glossy golden colour as though you’ve just returned from a tropical holiday under the sun. When it comes to applying a balayage technique, the dyed pieces are placed very close to the root. The dye starts out gently, becoming thicker and more noticeable as it moves down the strands of hair. Section by section, the idea is to have colour applied so that it moves gradually and naturally until the very ends of the hair.

Jessica Alba is a prime example of someone who has perfected the natural effect of balayage. Her caramel honeyed tresses are a master class in classic balayage.

Another fine specimen of balayage done right is Brazilian beauty Gisele Bündchen. The former Victoria’s Secret model is known for her mop of glistening blonde locks lit up by the beauty of balayage.

Now compare these subtle highlights to the chunks of solid colour we’ve come to know from years gone bye (ahem… Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, we’re looking at you). Take the advice from these Hollywood starlets. If any part of your head looks streaky or choppy, it defeats the purpose entirely.

A Noticeable Difference

We can hear you ask: so what makes balayage so different to regular highlights? Think of balayage as the ‘less is more’ approach to hair colour – a low-maintenance colouring solution that will eventually grow out with your hair.

Balayage is a lot gentler and less obvious than traditional highlights – especially during the tricky regrowth stage. You won’t find any solid telltale lines separating the new growth from the dyed strands. You’ll be guaranteed a subtle summery shimmer that starts out heavy and becoming more lived-in as the season progresses.

And unlike regular highlights, with balayage, the upkeep is totally up to you. Have your hair re-coloured or simply let the balayage colour grow out on its own – the choice is yours.

Similarly, balayage colour is vastly different to the ombré technique too. While balayage aims to paint on colour, the word ‘ombré’ means to shadow. Yes, the aim with ombré might be to create a seamless blend from one colour to another, but there is still a noticeable division of colour. Balayage aims for a more lived-in natural feeling.

Is Balayage Different to Ombre Hair?

A classic balayage – soft and natural colour transition. Done at Enhance Styling.

Balayage refers to the ‘sweep’ of colour applied freehand to add highlights in a natural looking transition. There are many different variations and techniques within the broader ‘balayage’ category.

Consider the Term ‘Ombre’

Ombre technique: the tips have 100% coverage.

Ombre refers to shade or shading or the hair, taken from the French word. Ombre is a type of balayage similar to colour blocking: the bottom of the hair is coloured almost 100% in a lighter shade, whereas balayage leaves some darker hair showing through.

Ombre is a gentle transition from one shade to another whereas balayage is a sweep of colour/shade across some of the hair. Ombre tends to be from a darker colour closer to the roots, transitioning into a much lighter colour at the ends. However there is a trend of the ‘reverse ombre’ seen sometimes as well.

Now Let’s Add the Term ‘Sombre’

A sombre is a ‘soft ombre’ meaning it’s based on the aforementioned ombre however the colour transition is more natural, creating a softer look. Rather than transitioning from one dark colour to a higher contract lighter colour, a sombre might transition from one shade of brown into a slightly lighter shade of brown.

If you are confused about the use of the terms balayage, ombre and sombre, don’t worry! Contact the team at Enhance Styling and we will explain what may work best in your case, and what result you want to achieve.

What is Bronde Hair?

The term ‘bronde’ refers to a shade which sits between, you guessed it, brown and blonde! As the balayage technique refers to a sweep of colour from the roots to the tips, you often see the bronde shade.  There can be an incredible array of shades available for you to enjoy from the blonde to brown spectrum and bronde doesn’t refer to any one exact colour code.

You may be familiar with the colour shade bronde from Jennifer Lopez who has chocolate brown base transitioning to honey blonde tips.

A Custom-Made Experience

Each of us has unique wants and needs when it comes to our hair. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your colour for your upcoming wedding? Or perhaps it’s simply the change of season inspiring your colour shift. Balayage is the perfect choice for hardly-noticeable colour that packs a powerful punch.

It works hand in hand with whatever haircut or natural hair texture you have. And yes, it works on all textures of hair! In fact, curlier hair may work better as you are able to select precisely which curl you’d like lightened.

The same goes for the length of hair. Any haircut – from a pixie cut to flowing back-grazing lengths – can be treated to a balayage colouring. We will apply the colour so that whatever cut you have flows naturally.

Our team of professional and artistic senior stylists will be able to craft and create a uniquely bespoke blend of tones to enhance the colour of your hair. Best of all, as it’s hand-painted, we will work alongside you to choose the placement of the colour to bring out your skin’s tone and complexion.

A stand out ombre colour done right here at Enhance Styling Sydney.

The Easiest Hair Colour Yet

Consider yourself a low-maintenance kind of girl? There’s a reason the balayage technique is so popular in France. That laissez-faire attitude to beauty is something that has created an air of mystery around Frenchwomen for years, and now we know their secret!

Bonus: balayage has the added benefit of making hair appear thicker and more voluminous!

Strands of hair are naturally thicker at the root and become finer towards the tip. The great thing about balayage is that by painting the colour thinner at the roots and thicker as you move downwards, it cleverly tricks the eye.

With balayage, you never really see where the colour dye ends and the natural colour begins. Simply genius!

A New Take on a Classic

If the regular gradient of colour still sounds too tame for you, a Colorado hairdresser is offering up its own version called Reverse Balayage.

Under the slogan “In a world full of blonde balayage, be a reverse”, hairdresser Deryn Daniels turns the layered colouring technique literally on its head. Instead of starting with the normal darker roots and blending the colour downwards into honeyed caramel blonde shades, Daniels flips the colour around. A focus is placed on lighter shades painted onto the roots and only the tips are left darker – think of it as ombré meets balayage.

If not, why not, right? It seems that when it comes to balayage, the world is your colour wheel!

Can You Get The Perfect Balayage?

  • The main factor that determines how good your balayage will look is your current hair colour. Is your hair it’s natural colour right now or have you coloured it?
  • Due to the different types of ingredients used in home colour, it may be more difficult to remove or may throw different shades during the lightening process.
  • What is the current condition of your hair? If you have dry or damaged ends, adding a colour treatment to them may further increase the damage. Plus, this may increase the recovery time needed between colour treatments.
  • How defined do you want your colour transition? If you want a really dramatic balayage colour transition, there is usually a significant amount of work that needs to be done. We may advise either a long consultation or several consultations, over 2 or 3 visits.
  • Depending on your hair colour and type, expecting a dramatic colour transition may not be realistic, however we can advise you on what may work and what will enhance your current hair!
  • For different hair types it really depends on what you want to achieve and the artistic direction that comes from your colourist. It’s a collaboration!

What do you think?

We want to hear from you! Have you tried the balayage look before? What do you like about it? Does the striking ombre look work for you or do you prefer a softer balayage look?

You can view more amazing hair inspiration on our Instagram account here.

Want to experience the beauty of balayage for yourself? Get in touch with our friendly team of senior hair stylists here at Enhance Styling and we will do our best to create your perfect look with our Balayage Service!

Balayage starts at $200. Your stylist will provide you with a complimentary consultation and quote before commencing the service.

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